By Tamara Carpenter

EDITION #8 – “How can my students & colleagues help me to be a great teacher?”

Published – 21st August 2019

We are now well into the Graduate Teacher Conferences, with 13 conferences completed and five to go.  A very big thank you to the 1100 plus graduate teachers who have registered and to all of those who have brought their energy, vision, and creativity to each of the events to date.  The conferences build strong links between the themes of professional identity, professional practice and personal wellbeing, and we’ve seen graduates: 

  • use and develop metaphors for professional identity
  • work in teams to share and develop their literacy practices
  • engage in deep listening to reflect on and discuss approaches to difficult classroom challenges
  • share and develop their personal wellbeing strategies 

The conferences are an open, encouraging space for each graduate to reflect on their own professional journey, and to develop their professional networks by sharing those reflections with other graduates.  

Here is a small extract of what one group told us: 

What lights you up about your teaching?

  • The happy ‘good mornings’
  • Seeing students happy and comfortable to be in our classroom
  • When I see one of my students have a lightbulb moment
  • Proud teacher moments when students achieve success despite self-doubt 

How do you support your own well-being?

  • Debriefing
  • Not expecting perfection
  • Strong support network with work colleagues
  • Hot cup of tea when I get home and sitting in the quiet 

What’s working well in your practice?

  • Remaining calm works wonders
  • HITS works well
  • Taking on feedback and suggestions from experienced staff
  • Making sure I know each student
  • Willingness to learn