Each week from Edition 4, we have introduced the Playing with Podcasts section. Here we feature conversations with Graduates and their Mentors based around the focus area for each edition. We also feature conversations with experts to assist you with your overall graduate year development. This archive provides you with access to all the podcasts from each edition.


“How do we care for each other?”

In this edition we talk to Graduate Kevin Nguyen and
his Mentor Benjamin Pisani.
We also interview Expert Emily Paterson about key ways in
which we can care for each other in the workplace. 


“What does learning look like, sound like and feel like?”

In this edition we talk to Graduate Brittany McGinley  and
her Mentor Laura Rawlins.


“How do I take responsibility for my own performance?”

In this edition we talk to Graduate Lauren Arnett  and
her Mentor Megan Griffin.


“How do I cope with a challenge?”

In this edition we talk to Graduate Belinda Dennis and
 her Mentor Isobel Houghton as well as
Experts from the VIT Hannah Galloway & Linda Blakis.

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