EDITION #8 – How can my students & colleagues help me to be a great teacher?

Published – 21st August 2019


The Department of Education and Training have a number of Koorie positions engaged to assist schools to better support the learning and developmental needs of our Koorie communities. As a classroom teacher, the following roles will be particularly relevant:

  • Koorie Engagement Support Officers, (KESOs),
    • Provide strategic advice and systemic support to schools and services to facilitate greater engagement with Koorie students and communities.
    • Can be contacted through the Koorie Education Coordinator.
  • Koorie Cultural Advisors (KCA)
    • Provide advice and guidance to designated teachers (and other relevant staff) to support Koorie children in Out of Home Care.
    • Can be contacted through the regional office, the designated teacher or the Lookout Principal
  • Children’s Koori Court Liaison Officers (CKCLOs)
    • Support young people who are engaged with the children’s court to reengage with a meaningful transition back into education
    • Are located close to the Koori Children’s Courts and can be contacted through the regional office

Other roles, including Koorie Education Coordinators (KECs) and Koorie Education Managers (KEMs) offer system level support and programmatic oversight to Koorie education in the region:

  • Koorie Education Coordinators (KECs)
    • Manages the KESO workforce and has a strategic role in Koorie education for the Area’s they service
    • Can be contacted through the Area Office
  • Koorie Education Managers (KEMs)
    • Provides programmatic oversight to Koorie education in the region.
    • Supports consistent professional practice of the dedicated workforce
    • Supports the Marrung regional Partnership Forum