By Lori Pereira

EDITION #11 – What does it mean to lead?

Published – 13th November 2019

In Edition 9 we considered applying for jobs, and in Edition 10 we thought about ways to prepare for interviews. In Edition 11, we will explore opportunities for external support during this potential transition period – from contract to contract, contract to ongoing, or from one position to another.


Seeking external support

If your plans for next year are still not clear, this can be a challenging time. You may still be writing job applications, attending interviews or negotiating contracts and conditions. Seek support to ensure you give yourself the best chance of arriving at a satisfactory outcome. Your principal and other school leaders are an excellent resource during this period. Speak to them about the opportunities for you at the school, as well as ask for their guidance in applying for other positions. They will have plenty of experience in being part of the hiring process and can give some helpful insight in to what employers are looking for in job applications, key selection criteria and interviewees.

You might also like to consider undertaking further training and development to improve your chances of gaining employment. You can find opportunities here.

Additionally, if you’re finding this a stressful or challenging time, you could consider accessing the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) which is a free, short-term and confidential counselling program available to all Department employees (and their families).

It is important to be aware of the legalities involved in transferring between positions, changing schools, moving into casual relief work or changing roles. You can check all these things with Human Resources.


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