EDITION #10 – What am I learning & why is it important?

Published – 16th October 2019

Koorie cultural inclusion

How do you embed whole-school approaches for including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories, cultures and perspectives at your school?  One way is to start a conversation within your Professional Learning Community, your teaching team, with a learning specialist, or with other teachers.  Consider questions such as:

  • What is the Koorie perspective of history for the land where my school is situated?
  • What is the Koorie name for this Country? What is the local Koorie language? Where, or to whom can I go, to find out?
  • How many Koorie students attend my school? How are the parents/carers and families supported and empowered to participate in the school community?
  • What Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural symbols are visible within my classroom, our school, or my community?
  • In my learning area, are there meaningful examples of embedded Koorie perspectives within the teaching and learning programs?


Professional Practice Note 19:  Koorie cultural inclusion provides guidance to support learning through inclusive practices that acknowledge, explore and celebrate the contributions and perspectives of Australian First Nations Peoples.  It includes a case study and a number of resources and professional learning opportunities.