By Bernadette Walker-Gibbs

EDITION #6 – “How do I take responsibility for my own performance?”

Published – 29th May 2019

We are starting to gear up and get ready for the Graduate Teacher Conference. Registrations are open, so if you haven’t already registered, click on the link below and register.  

Part of the program will ask you to think about where you are at this stage of your journey as a teacher in terms of your professional identity, professional practice and wellbeing.

As you prepare for this, consider:

  • What ideas have you been exposed to lately that led you to change the way you teach?
  • Where do you go when you are looking to find help with your professional practice?
  • Do you use Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest for educational purposes?

We are looking forward to exploring some of these ideas with you. In the meantime, we encourage you to talk to your school principal, mentor teacher or professional learning coordinator about attending the Graduate Teacher Conference. You may even be able to negotiate use of one of your professional practice days to attend. Registration details will be found at: